Direct From Paris, A Banner Day

Summer’s over. Time for a new look.

I’m changing up the look of the blog slightly.

Primarily the blog’s header, thanks in hugelargeginormous part to the incomparable graphic designer and visual artist, Stefan, he of Diesel City talent.

Stefan. Just Stefan. I still don’t know his last name. He’s like the Madonna of the graphic design world. One names suffices.

I’ve only come to know Stefan in the past month or so. Thanks to Bard Constantine, we three have all come together because of Bard’s novel, The Troubleshooter (New Haven Blues).

Since then, through a series of emails jumping from The Great State of New Jersey to The City Of Lights, where Stefan lives, we’ve certainly connected on a shared love of noir, great design and creativity. Stefan and I also are all in”” in helping Bard promote his first novel and the protagonist Mick Trubble, as well as anything we can do to make subsequent works stellar as well.(Bard is working on a new The Troubleshooter website now, it incorporates Bards writing, my images and Stefan’s design. I’ll let you know when that hits.)

It was in one of those emails to Stefan (I don’t think the guy sleeps…) that I mentioned I’d love his input in updating my JSP look and logo. I was in a time crunch (one kid awake, another waking up) and I didn’t give him too much direction about what I was looking for. Nevertheless but Stefan seemed to read my mind.

In just about a day, and with no further input due to lack of time on my part, he sent over the banner workup that you see above, except that the JerseyStyle Photography text was in yellow (the yellow and black a harken to the Kodak colors).

I was floored. It was basically what I had in my head (art deco font, strong imagery) but he took it to another level, even incorporating my eye into the overall design.


The only change I asked for was for the font text to be changed red. I had that in my mind for some reason, maybe because that’s what I had there before. Once I had both images in yellow and red font colors, I didn’t know which I liked better. I told Stefan this. He said to leave it up to my kids…” Vérité sort de la bouche des enfants…Truth comes from the children’s mouths

So, I asked Olivia which she liked better.

“I like the red one, Daddy.”


I’ve left my little tagline, too – There’s Style….And Then There’s JerseyStyle.

Because, well, there is.

Let me know what you think about all this.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “Direct From Paris, A Banner Day

  1. I’d say that Olivia has a pretty good taste: now, I think I know why Mark’s images are all so beautiful: he has a serious artistic advisor with him.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to collaborate – if so little – to your great work, Mark. Truly a privilege.

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