JSP Visual Week In Review | 09.15.12

We’re all officially back to work after the long, hot summer, aren’t we?

Week started with us here in the United States observing another anniversary of 9/11…at the same time while new acts of aggression occur abroad.

What happened on 9/11 here created a new normal. Our lives were changed so much so that it’s hard to remember what it was like before that. It’s crazy.

Made some progress on some projects I’m working on at my job this week. Now I need to start working on a presentation I’m giving in Chicago in two weeks.

I did get some shooting in this week, though, including some fun street photography in New York yesterday. Always a good place to brush any creative cobwebs away. Plus I got to have a couple of beers with a good friend of mine.

Not a bad way to end a long week.


This Week’s Links:

* Podcast: Bits of Wisdom from Jay Maisel.

* Tintypes: The ironworkers of Ground Zero.

* From the FT: William Eggleston: American Epic

* Dan Winters, in 1,000 words.

* Boardwalk Empire, Season 3 starts Sunday. Oh yes.

* “”It’s not about lights or fast lens or fast film. It’s about being able to capture a moment in time.” ~ John Shearer

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