JSP Visual Week In Review | 09.22.12

It finally caught up to us. Happy First Day of Fall.

Now we begin the slow descent into Hell. I mean Winter. Oh well.

Not much to the top visual today as I”m having a bit of a problem. See, I store all my images on a Seagat 500GB external hard drive. The last few weeks, it’s been clicking but I’ve always been able to connect.

Yesterday, though, the USB port between the EHD and the USB cable seems to have sputtered out. When I connect, I see the green light on the HD is on, so I know it’s working. But the computer isn’t reading the connection. Not sure what to do now – some sites say I need to resoder the connection point or extract the HD and get the data off some other way. I have a note into my favorite geek to see if he knows but if anyone has any thoughts, please let know.

And yes, I do have all my work backed up, on Mozy.

So, the images above are a few that were on my media cards and in my Blackberry (rocking a new BBerry now, the latest Bold and I like it’s picture capabilities. I’m just not an iPhone guy *gasp! The Horror!”)

After spending last weekend in bed with fever and chills, it was a busy work week. Me and my team were rocking a few big and time-sensitive projects and they did great.

Wednesday night, I took in the Bruce Springsteen concert at the new MetLife/Giant Stadium (with said Geek). Bruce played for 3 hours and 44 minutes. By the time I got home, it was 2 a.m. I don’t know how he does it…and he’ll turn 63 tomorrow. Crazy.

This weekend, I have to crank on a presentation I’m giving at a conference in Chicago this Thursday. Looking forward to getting back to Chicago. It’s one of my favorite cities and I haven’t been back in a few years.

What’s on your agenda this Fall?


This Week’s Links:

* 1906 + Today.

* What a creatively genuis ad: Helpless.

* Love this slice of Americana from Brian Miller. (@LoniMonk)

* Neil Young fan? I am. Great profile of him by David Carr in the NY Times.

* Inventive. Creative. Murdered Out.

* Yes, New Jersey has surf. Yes, New Jersey has surf photographers. And Ryan Struck is one of the best. Cool video profile on Ryan. Check out his images while you’re there, too.

* From the Springsteen show….one of the best versions of Racing In The Street I’ve heard….

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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