JSP Visual Week In Review | 09.30.12

I like these types of weeks.

A little work in the office, a short trip to clear my head and refresh it with some great conversation and great food. Then back to the Great State of New Jersey for the weekend.

Wednesday I flew out to Chicago as I had been invited to speak at a conference on how my company tells our story on our corporate website.

Chicago is one of my favorite cities so that was a plus in and of itself. However, while at the conference I met and spoke with some fantastic people. It really lit my creative fire and I have some big new plans for the company website. How best to do them all is the question, but we’ll cross that bridge.

In addition to that, I got the chance to shoot quite a bit while in the city. That always scratches the itch. I’ll be sharing some of those shots over the next week or so.

This week, back in the office and time to get crackin’. Hard to believe October is here…


* Video Trailer: This Is Not Photography

* Contact Sheet – How I Got The Shot of the Endeavor At The Hollywood Sign

* Inside The Mind Of The Street Photographyer


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