Friday Noir: All Kinds Of Cool, All Kinds of Mean

She’s one helluva broad.

One you gotta watch out for.

A body that won’t quit.

All clean lines and sexy grace on the outside.

Tough as nails on the inside.

She’ll purr in your ear.

Or roar in your face.

Soft, slow and smooth for the most part.

But can turn on you on a shiny dime, and leave you in her dust.

Gussied up, she won’t quit.

As faithful as can be…unless you treat her bad.

Then, Breakdown City.

She can be all kinds of cool…or all kinds of mean.

And then there’s the blonde….

A little different Friday Noir / Jersey Noir today. I only had a hand in a small part of this.

Yeah, that’s The Man In The Fedora, as Joe McNally likes to call him, for sure.

But this rest of this brilliant piece is all the incredible mind and work of Stefan.

Using Bard Constantine’s novel, The Troubleshooter: New Haven Blues, Stefan has embarked on taking some of my noir– styled images and transporting them to another time, another place.

Between Bard’s writing, and Stefan’s conceptual images in the Dieselpunk genre, the creativity is contagious. And I’m just doing my best to catch up and keep pace with these two.

In any case, it’s only fitting that I start showcaing Stefan’s great work here on Friday Noir. Fits in so nicely. So, you’ll be seeing more of it in the coming weeks.

We three (myself, Stefan, and Bard) hope you enjoy. Let us know below what you think.

By the way…that beautiful baby above – the car I mean – is the embodiment of Mick Trubble’s wheels, Maxine.

Just the type of ride to keep a guy outta trubble, er, trouble.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Friday Noir: All Kinds Of Cool, All Kinds of Mean

  1. You just make me blush! Your original shot nicely fits what I’ve tried to do with it, which in turns fits perfectly your words. And, hopefully, Bard’s vision of The Troubleshooter universe. I love that kind of creative chain reaction. May it last.

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