JSP Visual Week In Review | 10.06.12

This past week started out rough. Last Sunday afternoon, my wife started to get a migraine. She hasn’t had one in a number of years and they can vary on intensity levels. The worst one she’s had, she was in bed for three days and we had to take her to the emergency room to get a painkilling shot to kind of break through the pain.

This one wasn’t quite that bad, but almost. She spent most of Sunday afternoon in bed. I did go into work on Monday, but came home early after a few urgent texts from her. Then I stayed home on Tuesday to watch the kids while slept in a cool, dark room. By Wednesday evening, though, she was nearly back on her feet and the past two days she’s been fine. I always hate to see this happen to her though – not only for her sake but because I feel helpless in doing anything for her.

Also, too…as you can see above, it looked like Chase got something in his eye. All turned out well, though….

Humidity came back here to the Great State of New Jersey. Gotta say….I’m ready for Fall. My Phillies season ended at .500, the leaves are starting to turn, and the pumpkins are out. Time for those nice days and cool nights where I have to pull on a fleece to walk the dogs. Winter can wait…I just want Fall.

Shooting-wise, it was a busy week. Did some landscape photography (I don’t normally jam on that, but with the changing seasons, I guess it’s getting me to do some), shot some portraits for a co-worker, shot some new noir that you’ll see soon, and art directed some other portrait sessions for other executives where Amy Fletcher was the shooter. Those look great, and I even lent the jacket of my suit to one gentleman who didn’t have one. Gotta be prepared, no matter for what.

And, finally, this blog has picked up quite a few new followers and subscribers over the past few weeks. I thank you. We all get inundated with so much information, videos, photos every day. For you to take some of that time to come here to check me out is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, I’m giving you content and photos you enjoy.

OK, I’m off. We’re having some friends over tonight and my wife is making her fantastic lasagna. My contribution is the sauce. This Slovak-Polish boy makes a mean pot of gravy. Got to get it on to simmer….


This Week’s Links:

* The Eddie Adams Workshop celebrates its 25th Year (and I found out my friend, Staci (that’s here in the purple Nikes jumping in the Forbiddin City, is speaking at it on Monday too. Very cool!)

* NYC-based photographer Brad Trent digs deep into his archives.

* Great photo storytelling from LUCEO. Healthcare Never Never Land.

* The butler did do it.

* Just in time for Halloween….

* “You can’t just be another photographer with a camera.You have to have that voice and those ideas that make you stand out.” ~ Ron Haviv

What’s your voice?

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