Head Start

There was an article recently in the Financial Times about how it makes senses, from a business perspective especially, for those active in social media circlesto put their best foot…er…head… forward and invest in quality-shot headshots for use in such areas.

A head start, if you will.

As we all become more active on social media, be it for business or relaxation, the first impression the person landing on your page/site/profile often gets is from that small square – the avatar – that accompanies the side of the Twitter post or the Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

Latley, I’ve been fortunate to help some friends and colleagues update their online profiles with some new headshots. It’s right up my “natural light portrait photography” alley – exemplified by the headshot collection above.

Of course, not all avatars have to be of the standard, business-like variety. I’ve shot a couple that are a bit left-of-center, but fun nonetheless.

Recently, my colleague Alexis asked if I could help her update her headshots. We decided to meet up after work, right when the light was getting really nice.

Beautiful “golden hour” light lends nice to B&W as well…

And, hey, can’t let good brick wall go to waste…..

This was a fun shoot. The light was great and Alexis enjoyed the images.

Can’t ask for much more.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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