Weekend Shot: Toolin’ Around

It was a beautiful Fall weekend here in the Great State of New Jersey (and elsewhere, too).

Cooler on Saturday, warmer on Sunday. We started to get the family acreage ready for the impending winter’s sleep – spot seeding some areas, cutting back the shrubs, thatching the lawn.

On Sunday, I didn’t watch any football, or watch a guy fall out of the sky. We all went out to a local farm to celebrate my nephew Owen’s first birthday.

The main festivities were held in the barn, which was fun, and where I got the shot of the farm tools, above. I love the glorious flow and amalgamation of this set of tools. I see something like this and always think “When did they start collecting old tools here? On purpose or random? Will they every be used again? Or even moved?”

The rest of the day was spent climbing up on tractors, going on a hayride, navigating a corn maze (there’s always that one point in a corn maze where I think We will get out, right?) and riding the pony (the kids, not me).

Canon 50D + farm implements + Nik Color Efex Tonal Contrast = This Weekend Shot.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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