Happy Third Anniversary!

A very happy three-year wedding anniversary to this happy, I hope, couple, far the Great State of New Jersey.

It was three years ago yesterday that I shot this image. At the time, I was on an annual report photo expedition in Russia. We had spent a few days shuttling between Moscow, Saratov and Katzan. The U.S. was in the review, the next leg of the trip – to India – squarely ahead of us.

On this day, we had were free, so we decided to sightsee. We climbed into the van and instructed Ramis, our burley, bristle-headed driver/security guy, to head to the little town of Mikhaylovka. There was a little church there we wanted to check out.

On the way back, trusting our guide the whole way, we stopped off at this park-like setting. Can’t quite remember what it was exactly. But it was Fall and it was pretty.

As we scouted around, we came upon this wedding in the woods. Or maybe it just was the post-wedding photoshoot after the actual ceremony.

Not too sure, I didn’t gett too close. In any case, I didn’t expect this at all.

I could have gone around to see their faces, I guess. But I didn’t.

I kept waiting for the scene to unfold…and it did for me.

I still love this image, and count myself lucky to have shot it.

Wonder where they are now?

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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