JSP Visual Week In Review | 10.20.12

Rolling along here in October.

Autumn has firmly taken hold in the Great State of New Jersey. Days are still warm with the evenings geting cooler. Trees are shedding their green exterior and showing some truly fantastic party wear.

Foggy mornings. Love those.

This week I headed over to Red Bank, NJ, to watch someone I mentored, The Geek Whisperer, holding court before a good-size group and talking about the latest in mobile apps. Needless to say I was proud but not surprised. David has a great ideas in the technology space and he’s been making a name for himself.

Now I just need to shoot some new headshots for him when he goes on press junkets.

On the other end, I attended a retirement celebration and dinner for someone I greatly admire and respect. He’s been with my company for 24 years, but is hanging up his Blackberry. Good for him, though I’ll miss is sage advice and counsel. Plus, I’m looking a Springteen fan to talk about the latest concert with.

Next week should be a good one – First, tomorrow, my littlest guy, Matty, turns one! Big day for the littlest Krajnak. Then, on Wednesday, Photo Plus Expo. I expect to be there all day on Thursday and am greatly looking forward to meeting up with new and old friends. Let me know if you’ll be there too!


This Week’s Links:

* Newsweek going to digital only. (I don’t understand the outcry and mashing of teeth. If people still purchased it and read it, it wouldn’t be ceasing print. Pretty simple.)

* Photo Essay: Acqua Alta by Guillem Lopez.

* Good video discussion with Brian Smith on portrait photography.

* Geoff Dyer on war photography.

* VII CEO Stephen Mayes on smartphone photography.


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