Darkness Waves A White Flag

167 hours.

Doesn’t really sound that long, does it?

But when it’s the amount of time you’re without electricity. Without heat. Without water (in my case). Without Internet.

It’s a loooooonnngggg time.

Finally, this evening, after 167 hours, the snapeses fired and we got all of the above back.

It’s been a challening week since the Hurricane Sandy made landfall last Monday evening. With three little kids, we ended up in four different houses, two states, ate a lot of takeout.

And waited.

Of course, in the broad scheme of things, we got off really easy. The Great State of New Jersey is still in really bad shape, and I hope that turns the corner real soon.

For now though, I’ll raise a glass, and drop to my knees, this evening, and thank the powers that be that it’s warm and bright in my house tonight. When my little tribe returns tomorrow, they will be happy (just need to restock the fridge before they get back from their grandparents.)

And to all those, near and far, that sent me emails, Tweets, texts…it has been SO appreciated. I’m really touched at the support you’ve shown us during this time. I really appreciate the JSP community that we are all apart of here.

Cheers to you, too!

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


One thought on “Darkness Waves A White Flag

  1. Happy to hear you got all the basics back again and everything, more or less, is back to normal Mark.
    I imagine your tribe would be very much happy to return back home ! Definitely fill up that fridge – nothing like a good dinner with fam in your own kitchen after all this.

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