Mean Old Broad Blows Through

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen at least some of the images from Hurricane Sandy.

From the huge weathermap swirl that was the superstorm barreling down on us, to the flooded New York subways, to the torn up Jersey Shore.

TIME magazine even used Instagram to cover the storm.

But you probaby knew that.

Frankly, I don’t have much to add to any of this.

All I have is what I saw in my little neck of the country woods – the few miles in all directions that I drove a day or so right after the storm….

(Having trouble viewing the video? Click here to watch on YouTube)

Photojournalist Kenneth Jarecke, who hated that TIME (a former employer) used Instagram, said in a recent blog post “For the record, with natural disasters you need a couple of images that show the power of Mother Nature (is it alright to capitalize that without capitalizing devil? I’m not sure). Even though it was at night, John Minchillo got a few of these. Check. Now move on to the important stuff, and by stuff I mean people and the experience they’re going through.

We don’t need more than one picture of a floating car, instead we got dozens. We don’t need to see point pictures, as if you’re documenting a crime scene or making pictures for an insurance company.

All we need is people.

He’s right. And sadly, I didn’t get much of that. Bad job outta me. Note to myself (and you guys) for the next time something like this happens. (By the way…read the comments in Kenneth’s post – Ed Kashi, one of the photojournalists who contributed to the TIME/Instragram feed, makes some well-balanced comments.)

Guess that’s why one of my favorite photos from my shooting set is the one that opens this post, of the man on the other side of the tree. He was trying to take a cell phone photo of the tree – and I mean a flip-type cell phone. No iPhone/Instagram going on there.

I’ll make some 5×7 prints of these images, keep them in a book, show my kids in another 10, 15, 20 years as I doubt they’ll remember the week we spent shuttling between family and friends.

The week that came on the heels of when the Mean Old Broad blew into town.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Mean Old Broad Blows Through

  1. Really appreciate seeing things from your perspective, Mark. A lot of us have the luxury of viewing the ordeal on TV in our undamaged homes with power and heat intact. It’s a whole other thing to actually be there in the middle of it.

    Oh, and that’s two dibs you owe me for the use of the term ‘Mean Ol’ Broad’…

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