Friday Noir: Lose More Slowly

Everybody loses, that’s a fact.

You think things change?

They don’t.

You get hit with one body blow after another.

The gat jams.

The take gets busted.


Everybody loses, baby, bit by bit.

It’s that gutshot draw that gets you.

Could do you in, our you could take a turn on the river.

Everybody loses, baby.

That’s a fact.

Yeah, you may lose…

But the key, you see,

Is to lose… more slowly.

That’s a fact.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Friday Noir: Lose More Slowly

  1. That didn’t take long. Always love your Friday noir, Mark. Hope everything is well in your area. I know it’s still rough out there.

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