Bella Ilusión

Down here, even the rum is dusty.

There’s never a breeze to give you an ounce of air.

The sweat trickles down your face, down your arms, down your back.

Just down.

En Blanco Y Negro

There’s always a rumble getting ready to roll.

Everybody’s got ideas.

Everybody’s got opinions.

And guns.

Everybody’s got guns.

It’s the way it is down here.

It is what it is.

Got a problem?

Meet me at the hotel.

It’s all a beautiful illusion.

Que está engañando a quién?


Another incredible visual creation from the incomprable Stefan Prohaczka, author and creative designer of Diesel City. I’ve written about Stefan before, and how I’m going to feature some of his dieselpunk/noir work here.

Direct from Paris, he’s been hard at work taking initial concepts from myself and author (of The Troubleshooter: New Haven Blues) Bard Constantine and just making outstanding visual creations.

When Stefan emailed this piece to Bard and myself a few weeks ago, I got chills.

So much of a storyline here, I didn’t know where to start.

He titled it El Gringo (Who’s Fooling Who?) – hence Que está engañando a quién? above. And then we three got into an email discussion about Latin noir….classic flicks like Touch of Evil, Gilda, or The Big Steal. There are some scenes in Out Of The Pas,t one of my favorite noir files, which take place in Mexico as well.

It’s a environment rife for noir, and Stefan captured it here.

He continues to amaze.

And speaking of storylines, Bard has been hard at work too. The Troubleshooter: Red-Eyed Killer is on its way….

Oh yes.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Bella Ilusión

  1. Each time Mark includes one of my pictures to his great blog – or even just writes back to comment it – it truly fills me with gratitude. Not “just” because Mark liked the piece, but also because of his “in depth” understanding of what I try to convey. I certainly don’t mean that you necessarily have to be Einstein to understand what I try to do but, without any doubt, Mark has that sort of intelligence and sensitivity which let him see “things behind things”. Mark himself knows there is no greater reward, as a creator or just a human being, than to be “understood”. Received. Loud and clear, five out of five. There is, of course, his photographer eye: each and every one of his photos clearly show this precious ability. But there is more than that. Mark just “knows” that special feel about things, people, places. The Noir feel.
    He also knows how to convey it. Not only with pictures: once again, there is here some competition for our partner in crime, Bard Constantine, the mind behind The Troubleshooter.
    Flat and dull as it is, what else can I say : thank you, Mark. For being who you are. And so generously sharing it.

  2. I might be known as the ‘writer’, but you guys are storytellers by any meaning of the word. It’s like we’re all feeding off the same idea, and it just comes together when we bring all the pieces. Love this piece, Mark. Your noir perspective is always something to look forward to…

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