JSP Visual Week In Review | 11.17.12

Can you believe there’s only six weeks left in 2012?

I’ve already seen someone with Christmas decorations up and lit outside their house. I’ve heard Christmas music in stores, and seen Christmas commmercials.

And we here in the United States are still waiting for this Thursdayd to get here, so we can celebrate Thanksgiving.

They should just move Thanksgiving to March or June to give it a fair shake. I love the Christmas season and all, but lordy, a day at a time!

The week seemed to slide by on me. One of the highlights was getting an email from David Burnett. I was hoping to see him again at the PhotoPlus Expo a few weeks ago, but we were never able to hook up. Anyway, in the email, he sent me a few of his images that he shot at the London Olympics last summer. I can't decide which one I like best. Stunning stuff.

This weekend, though, after getting some yard work out of the way, me and the family are heading down to Asbury Park and thereabouts. Going to eat local, spend some money locally. All to support the local communities after Hurricane Sandy. It's going to be a long road out from this one….


This Week's Links:

* Flemming Bo Jensen goes back under the lights.

* Speaking Davide Burnett, here’s a cool piece on the other side of the victory hug.

* Not sure how I missed this a few months ago, but here’s Josh Bradley on Scott Kelby’s blog talking about the cool – and important – project he’s working on. (I had the fortune of featuring Josh here a couple of years ago…)

* Powerful read: Dying adman says he wasted his life.

* Hop as Hitch.

* Lunch Atop A SkyScraper revealed.

* “Writing. Wall. When I heard that, I knew it was time to go.” ~ Soon to be ex co-worker, this week.

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