JSP Visual Week In Review | 11.24.12

And so it begins, the Christmas season.

On Thursday, we sat down to give thanks for all the stuff we have.

On Friday, we went out to buy more stuff.

That’s a collective “we”. I particpated in the Thursday tradion. I never participate in the Friday one.

For a few days, up until last evening at last, my house was in a weird holiday vortex. We still had some Halloween decorations lingering since the hurricane through a lot of that process off. We also had some Thansgiving hand turkeys lying around, thanks to Liv’s kindergarten project. And my wife was also getting Christmas decorations out, so a few of them were up.

Last evening though, my wife did a clean sweep and we’re now all Christmas. With three little kids five and under, this time of year is especially fun. Speaking of traditions, we started a new one in our house: the Elf On The Shelf. This is something my family never did when I was a kid but it seems to be catching on. It’s cute and the kids love looking for him each morning.

Earlier in the week, I participated in my first parent-teacher conference, little chairs and everything. Leslie and I met with Liv’s kindergarten teacher. Seems we have quite the creative little girl in her. It was pretty fun to do, even if sitting in those little kindergarten chairs made me feel like I was in Gulliver’s Travels.

Big week at work coming up, and for the next 30 days. A major project will be kicking off within a week, and it’ll be pedal to the medal the whole time.


This Week’s Links:

* The Doubling Principle (with Chinese noodles. I watched a guy at a stand outside of Shanghai do this. Amazing.)

* The Dust Bowl (I watched some of this on PBS last week.)

* Check out how Matthew Connors put a binding on his sweet personal project, A Girl And Her Pup. Very cool!

* “You have everything you need.”

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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