JSP Visual Week In Review | 12.01.12

(c) Mark Krajnak / JereseyStyle Photography WIR_120112

Ho ho, hi ho, here we go with December.

This is a little odd. I’m to be doing a visual recap of my week…and I really didn’t shoot to much these past seven days.

Not sure why. This past weekend was kind of a blurr, mainly focused on the business of business.

Ever see that AMC show The Pitch? I lived that last Monday, though I was the one being pitched to.

Except there’s elements to that show that they don’t show that I still had to deal with. How people get offended when they are asked to pitch, rather than just get the job by default. How, even when deciding on who to go with, there’s still the contractual talk and how Prodcurment’s job is to alway try to save some more. How I ask the client want to hear “Yes, we can get it done” not “Well, we can do it, but it’ll be tough with that timeline.” Yes, I know that already. Think I want to see this project not succeed?

On top of that, a good friend and intelligent thinker left my staff this week. Never want to see someone you like and respect leave, especially if it’s because they were unhappy.

All this re-taught me one very important piece of business advice: It IS just business. It’s not personal.

December awaits.


This Week’s Links:

* Flemming Bo Jensen goe Where Cover Is. Oh yes.

* From Time Lightbox, The Tracks of Sandy on the New Jersey Shore. Incredible aerial footage.

* More moving pictures: Looking forward to Killing The Softly.

* Joe McNally and The Tale Of The Tape.

* What does it mean to be wild?

* Recreating Spielberg.

* “It’s not personal. It’s strictly business.” ~ Michael Corleone. (bears repeating)

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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