Into The Fog

(c)Mark Krajnak / JerseyStyle Photographyfog1_1024_MG_2577

Rising steam.

Dancing wisps of smoke.

Soft, diffusing, encroaching fog.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Well, to include as an element in my photography anyway.

So, when I woke up the other Sunday morning, and saw there as a thick-to-thin veil of fog laying over my little patch of New Jersey, I wanted to take advantage of it.

We’ve been seeing this a lot the last few years – the last few warmish days of the year butting up against Winter before really making its debut often gives forth foggy mornings. Makes the land look beautiful.

So, I put coffee on for my wife. I put The Lion King DVD in for my kids. I pull on my fleece and boots and headed across th streets into the woods to do some shooting.

(c) Mark Krajnak / JerseyStyle Photography_fog1_1024_MG_2592

It was a drippy, monochromatic morning, just the way I like it for this type of adventure. The only spots of the color I saw were the yellow NO HUNTING signs I saw tacked to the some trees, and smashed, orange pumpkins left to rot in the leaves.

I don’t shoot much landscape but I did not want to let a foggy day like this pass. The fog added an interesting level of extraness to the woods, and to whatever landscapes I might shoot.

(c) Mark Krajnak / JerseyStyle PhotograpyFog1_1024_MG_2607

It was also really the first time since Sandy that I had hiked around the woods across from my house. Many of the normally accessible paths were no longer such. Broken, spintered hunks of trunk met a few of my advances. Tall old warriors with rotted out cores hung at precarious angles.

(c) Mark Krajnak / JerseyStyle Photographyfog3_1024_MG_2595

The fog gave everything a new, different sublime quality. But it was the quietness there in the woods that I enjoyed.

(c) Mark Krajnak / JerseyStyle Photography Fog2_1024_MG_2599

I did my hike, looked at my watch. Coffe was going cold. Simba was almost over. Time to head back out of the envelope and into my Sunday….

(c) Mark Krajnak / JerseyStyle Photography wood2_MG_2615

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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