JSP Visual Week In Review | 12.22.12

(c) Mark Krajnak / JerseyStyle Photography WIR2_122212

Whew. It felt like a mad dash through this past week. I had to hit certain key milestones on the big project at work that I’m overseeing, to it felt like I was glued to email, waiting to see if I got approvals. I did, and things are moving on with that.

I also had to do my Christmas shopping for my wife. No easy task. We’ve been together 12 years, so it’s always a challenge. She’s certainly not materialistic (a good thing) so it’s not like trinkets or baubles are the way to go. And anyway, in a house with three kids five and under, trinkets and baubles don’t stand a chance.

But, I squared all that away and took some time before leaving work yesterday to wrap everything so I’m in good shape there. I’m home for the next week, and expect to put that work stuff on the back burner, at least for a little while.

I did do some shooting this week, but decided to do my week-end montage of some of the Christmas decorations I’ve seen. I’m not a big “inflatables” guy, and I’m not sure what would possess someone to put a Xmas-theme inflatable Spongebob on their front lawn…but I’ve seen it. Decorations go from the ridiculus to the sublime.

Kind of like our lives, I guess.


This Week’s Links…

* Have you ever seen the movie Up? I started watching it with my little guy, Chase, last night. The first four minutes is some of the best storytelling moviemaking I’ve ever seen in terms of a love story. Check it out.

* Good post from Philly photographer Chris Crisman on some of his career missteps along the way. His blog is always a good read.

* Wow. The NY Times project, Snow Fall.

* Time Magazine’s The Year in Silhouettes

* Challenges, mistakes, errors and icons: The Year in Photojournalism.

* BTS: It’s A Wonderful Life

* Ray Metzker: The Last Great American Photographer

* “God Bless Us, Everyone!” ~ Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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