JSP Visual Week In Review | 01.05.13


So, we all made it back here, did we?

Didn’t lose anyone along that thin path that divides 2012 from 2013, with only a yawning chasm below?

Good, glad to hear it.

For me, three months of merrient are over. Only the black expanse of winter is before me.

See, the “holiday season” starts around October 17,the birthday of my youngest little person. Then you roll into the fun and fright of Halloween; onto the maybe warm/maybe chilly November and Thanksgiving; sprint into December, the lights, presents and all that; and finally stumble through New Year. Lots to do in a fast span of time, only be dropped with a thud at the end.


The last week was really anything but merry. Dec 30, my middle little person, Chase, went to the ER as he was wheezin all day. 2 a.m. on the 31st, he was admitted to the hospital. My wife was with him, while I stayed home with kids 1 & 3 since they were already in bed. I had a fitful night’s sleep wondering what was going on and how he was doing.

Up at 5:30, called someone to watch the kids, then I headed over to the hospital to relieve my wife. Was there all day on New Year’s Eve until he was finally discharged around 9 p.m. All clear now, thankfully.

The new year came, and so did more illness. My wife is suffering through one of the worst colds I’ve seen her have in the 12 years I’ve know her, both boys are drippy as well. Only me and Liv seem to be holding steady at this point.

From the work side, we’re under 60 days to the launch of my big project. I don’t expect much free time if I’m at the office.

So, I did get some shooting in. A day in Trenton last weekend. The Polar Bear Plunge in Asbury Park on New Year’s Day. It’s a new year, a new start, a new begining. And all that.

Let’s just live with our eyes open and take it all in.


This Week’s Links:

* Good piece from John Edwin Mason on Gordon Parks’ A Harlem Family.

* I was honored to have one of my images included in Lenscratch’s 2012 Photo Exhibition

* Scientific American: Nano Scientist Attempt To Save Priceless Works of Art.

* This is awesome: History in High Definition.

* My friends over at Rear Curtain, their team is growing. Meet Emily.

* “Make the flash looks like it belongs.” Good post from Joe McNally to kick the year off.

* “I didn’t write the rules, why should I follow them.” ~ W. Eugene Smith.

One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review | 01.05.13

  1. Congratulations on the inclusion of one of your images in the Lenscratch 2012 Photo Exhibition. Such a beautiful one too. Quintessentially you and Liv. 🙂 Looking forward to all that you will create and share this year, Mark. Thank you for being a part of RC; you are one of the family too!

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