Weekend Shot: Exit 13A

(C) JSP_plane3_1024_2177

Call it serendipity.

Call it resourcefullness.

Call it rediness.

Call it dumb luck.

Call it whatever you will.

I don’t get this shot without a) having a camera with me; b) keeping my eyes open; and c) anticipating what’s about to occur.

Saturday, I took my three kids to the Libery Science Center in Jersey City. My wife hasn’t been feeling well (bad cold) and I wanted to give her some rest time.

It was a good day, no matter what. Always a good day when I can hang out with my kids.

On the way home, Kraj Kid #1 is dozing, Kraj Kid #2 is hanging onto his blankie, and Kraj Kid #3 is just chillin’ out.

We’re headed south on the New Jersey Turnkpike, near Newark Liberty International Airport. As I’m driving, I can see the headlights of three, maybe four planes lined up in their flight path to the runway.

We start watching them through the windshield. We’r almost parallel to the runways so it’s fun watching them drop lower and land. Plus, the late afternoon light is making for a pretty display.

I start thinking this might make a good shot. So I pull over to the side, right near the ramp for Exit 13A, and wait…

I start losing light.

But in a short amount of time, the plane comes into view. I have it lined up, light is holding steady…and I snap the image I wanted.

Took about four minutes. Didn’t even leave the front seat.

I pull back onto the Turnpike, we head south, pick up a pizza and are home by 5:30.

A good time was had by all.

Canon S95 + New Jersey Turnpike + Patience + Nik Color Efex Pro = This Weekend Shot.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved 2013

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