JSP Visual Week In Review | 01.12.13


This week still had seven days in it right? With a lot of pell and a lot of mell, this week flew right by me. I guess being busy has that effect.

Spent a day in New York earlier in the week. I still don’t think I’d want to live there – like my little country life right now – but man, what a visual feast for the eyes and shutter finger.

Today, if the weather holds, I may head south a few miles and take the kids for a day around Philadelphia – a city I DID live in for 10 years. Every time I go back, it’s like going home. Definitely a different feel than NYC that’s hard to explain. I’m eager to introduce it to my kids.

My JSP posts this week, unplanned as they were, seemed to center around religious imagery – churches, a bible. Not sure why. Sometime you look for themes, sometimes they find you.

One neat part about the week was a photo gallery exhibition opening that I attended in at the Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick. It was New Brunswick Through The Photographer’s Eyes, and while some of the work wasn’t my style, I did enjoy getting out into the art community there. Had a great discussion with a local photographer, Nat Clymer too. Check out his work and blog.

It’ll be a short weekend in the Great State of New Jersey for me. Sunday, I leave mid-day for a quick 36 hour jaunt to a little hamlet in Georgia. Art directing a photoshoot there on Monday for the big project I’m producing at work. We’re at 48 days and dwindling till the launch of that. Time, as they say, is of the essence.


This Week’s Links:

* Interesting post from Daniel Milnor (Smogranch) who invokes Bruce Lee to share some photo book making tips.

* Speaking of Smogranch, Flemming Bo Jensen did a superb documentary on Milnor’s Santa Fe Project. Una Pura Verdad is a must watch.

* Winners of the National Geographic Photography Contest.

* F. Scott Fitzgerald (one of my favs) on the Secret To Great Writing.

* Photographer Brian Hirschy’s Return To America.

* Music: Matisyahu: Crossroads

* “Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.” — Henri Matisse


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