Friday Noir: Slow Burn To Boom


There’s a reason bars…good bars… are dark.

And smokey.

And quiet.

They are a place where you go to forget.

A tumbler of rye in front of you….

Pack of Lucky’s.

No clock inside.

No light from outside.

Charlie behind the bar.

You leave it all behind.

Then the door opens and the room explodes with sunlight.

Places like that don’t need a dame like this.

You know what she’s all about before she even sits.

Powderkeg waiting to blow.

Got a quick fuse…


But a slow burn….

To boom.

Next thing you know,

You have her named tattooed on the inside of your heart.

And more trouble than when the day started.

Gimme another round,Charlie.

Gonna need it.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved 2013


5 thoughts on “Friday Noir: Slow Burn To Boom

  1. You capture the mood, both with the photo and the words. I really think you should collect all your Friday Noir and do a nice little photographic journal/volume -a coffee table kind of thing. I know I’d be interested…

  2. I came across your blog as one of those ramdam things that we often find when just browsing the net. Even so I really like many of your photos. This shot really stands out for me however. No particular reason though. Well not one that I can place my finger on. I just like the shot. I think, however, that my favorite shot is “Friday Noir: Bitters and Bones” Now that is a truly amazing photo. At the expense of posting stuff all over your blog I just thought I’d tell you that I liked that one as well while posting here. Kind of a two birds with one stone sort of thing.

    Thank you for sharing with us and have a great day,


    • Thanks for stopping by, Barry, and for the kind words. I appreciate it! Every Friday is Friday Noir around here, so please try to stop back. ~ Mark

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