Friday Noir: Sleep The Long Night

(c)JSP_Sleep The Long Night_bw_3430

The night sprawls before you like a giant’s yawn.

It’s is usually when the action starts.

The cons, the grifters, the hustlers, the make, the take.

It all happens under cover of darkness.

Other times, the night seems endless.

Sleep is a distraction.

A walk, a smoke, pint in your pocket, brim pulled low.

Keep to yourself, try to lick your wounds.

Maybe plan the next thing.

Think about her.

Dream, baby, dream.

You gotta keep the fire burning.

Soon you’ll sleep the long night.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved 2013

2 thoughts on “Friday Noir: Sleep The Long Night

  1. Fabulous, Mark. Jus fabulous. One of your best, really. The set, the light, everything is amazing… it just screams film Noir. Your Noir photos are getting better an better, I’d say.
    I love it.

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