JSP Visual Week In Review | 02.02.13

(c) JSP_WIR_020213

Well, that went quick, didn’t it?

Just some 30-odd days ago, we were winding down the old year, looking forward to the new one.

Now we’re two days into the second month of this new one and the shine is off, isn’t it? I mean, it came out that Beyonce lip-synced at the Inauguration. We have wars, shootings, fires going on all over the world, and some gal’s soundtracked took over the news.


For me, the months of January rolled like a steamroller. Four straight weeks of busted things and suprise bills (one diswasher, one dryer, two new tires). Four straights weeks of me and my team at work busting through this big project we are working on. Now under 30 days till a go-live launch.

Creative forces at work this week: I finished Bard Constantine’s The Red-Eyed Killer and listened to two good new albums, one by Elin Ruth and one by Joshua Black Wilkins.

Four straight weeks of making pictures, seeing, watching, being inspired. I completed a couple of personal project, too, and I’ll show them here over the next few days.

But until then, this week’s visual recap is above. How did you spend the first 31 days of your new year?


This Week’s Links:

* Joel Meyerowitz on What He’s Learned (via PDN)

* World Press Photo announced multi-media winners. (via BJP)

* Former New York Mayor Ed Koch passed away this week. Here is a remembrance by Joe McNally.

* The Desks of 39 Successful People. (and mine, above.)

* From TIME’s Lightbox: Sam Abell: 40 Years of Life and Still Life. (Sam is one of my all-time favorites)

* Billy Ray’s Hell Angels, cira 1965

* “When words become unclear I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate I shall be content with silence.” ~Ansel Adams

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved 2013

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