JSP Visual Week In Review | 02.09.13


Lying. Cheating. Sneaky.

Not telling me and my family the truth. Overcharging me. Ginning up lies to create more work for himself and his business.

Yep, that’s a bit of what I had to deal with this week with a slimy contractor that I had hired.

When I finally figured it all out, and said “You’re fired. Get off my property.”, that was a pretty good feeling.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the money back. But you know what? What’s happened, happened. Can’t complain about it. Just got to go forward.

Still, there were more pluses than negatives this week. Took Kraj Kid #3, Matty, for this second haircut of his short but short life. He did pretty well – snap above there on top. Got ALOT of work done on the big project at work (T-Minus 21 days to launch on that.) The week pretty much flew by. Even got a lead on a new photostory. More on that in a couple of weeks.

Today will be a Nemo Dig Out day. Got a few inches out there of the heavy wet stuff. Kids will have fun. I see sledding in our future….

This Week’s Links:

* Good stuff by Flemming Bo Jensen. His Skyvandrer Project.

* Two artists I love: Photographer Danny Clinch and musician Bruce Springsteen. Bring them together…oh my.

* Brian Miller with a fantastic photoessay here: Matanza.

* Photojournalist Ben Lowy explains why he uses an iPhone.

* A great seven-minute documentary on Jay Maisel.

* John Cleese, on being creative.

* Gotta like a guy that can laugh at himself….

* “You can’t wait for other people to tell you your work has real value.” ~ Dana Schneider


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