JSP Visual Week In Review | 02.16.13


Despite the snow we here in NJ got last Friday night into Saturday, Spring is coming.

How do I know?

1) Days are getting longer. It’s still light after 5 p.m. now, nudging towards 5:30.

2) I got an email yesterday saying my Major League Baseball Audio subscription was automatically renewed. And first game will be on February 23.

3) Six Flags Great Adventure, in nearby Jackson, is holding their 2013 Job Fair.

4) We signed a lease for a week at the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey. Staying local this year, putting the money back into the Great State of New Jersey, especially after Hurricane Sandy. My family used to go there where I was a kid, it’s where I first learned my love of the beach (and in my later teenage year, where I learned just how shy I was trying to talk to girl. I had no game.) Anyway, it’ll be fun to go back there.

But this is all pointing to the us coming out of the darkness and into the light. Still a few more week, sure, but we’re getting there.

It was a busy work week for me, and looking back I didn’t shoot to much. Kind of bookended the days, shooting a lot on Sunday (on trip to Asbury Park with my boys) and Friday. Some other snaps along the way, but not to much. That happens sometimes.

Still, it was a fruitful week. I sold one of my noir images to a small publisher who may use it as the cover of an upcoming book. I’ll let you know how that works out.

I also got the great news that five of my images are on exhibit in Brooklyn, New York, at the New York Photo Festival exhibit: SANDY: Devastation, Document, Drive. (More here, from a post earlier this week.)

So, some good news this week. Overall, not a bad week as we grid through the doldrums of February.

What caught you eye this week?


This Week’s Links:

* Joe McNally Goes To The Dogs.

* I had no idea Boone from Animal House was also W. Eugene Smith. Found this out from a post by Daniel Milnor.

* Speaking of baseball, I’ve always loved this photo of The Mick. LIFE magazine, of course.

* From Editor & Publisher: Visual Storytelling Does More Than Entertain.

* Good read: The Business of Photojournalism.

* “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” ~ Marc Riboud


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