Weekend Shot: Mary In The Garden


I got a picture of you in my locket / I keep it close to my heart
A light shining in my breast / Leading me through the dark
~ Bruce Springsteen, Mary’s Place

Another one of these scenes that I pass nearly every day. But until the light and clouds and my eyes open up to it all, it lays hidden.

This was a 50mm weekend for me. Just decided to put the 50mm – the Nifty Fifty – on my camera this weekend, then went out to see what I could see.

I have the cheapest version of the 50. I’ve used the middle cost one, and the expensive ones too. After using those, the cheap ones shoots, well, cheap. But it’s OK, and the price was right a few years ago.

Shot some nice portraits of the kids (that f/3.2 stop is sweet) but a few other landscapes were tough. I missed my 24-105mm, opened up. But I stuck with it, moved my feet a bit more.

Anyway, ran into town to get a haircut on Sunday. On the way back, down one of the country routes near my home, looked over and saw Her framed against the high, puffy clouds. The Blessed Virgin Mary in the garden.

The 50D and 50mm were on the seat next to me. We went to work.

Canon 50D + 50mm + high clouds + Nik Silver + BVM = This Weekend’s Shot

Meet me at Mary’s Place….

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved 2013


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