JSP Visual Week In Review | 02.23.13


Last week was a four-day work week, but it felt longer. Been putting on a lot of hours at the lately, as we rush to the finish life of the project I’m managing. Just put together a “Final 20 Days Production Schedule.” Once you do one of those, you know the end is in sight. Still, lots to do before that 20 days is up, and some of the most critical days are still ahead of us.

Last Tuesday, went into New York, Lower East Side, to a talk on social media. The venue was more where I expected to see The New York Dolls or the Ramones back in the day, but it was a good talk nonetheless. And of course, there was all New York has to offer on a rainy, chilly, late winter night. Looks for a post on that little trip soon. Just because I have to.

This short but short month will end a day early this year. No complaints here. February is like that lonely road between the darkness and the light. March is the edge of the oasis. And it’s almost here.


This Week’s Links:

* My buddy Joe McNally dropped two blog posts about his most recent work within the Yellow Border. The first is here. the second is here. I don’t think he was as excited about his beloved Knicks going shopping at K-Mart.

* My other buddy, Syl Arena, on why he wants to work for free.

* A great 25-minute video – David Burnett talks at B&H Photo recently. Worth the watch.

* Kill the background.

* Jim Colton on photo-contest bashing.

* Classic LIFE magaine: W. Eugene Smith at Iwo Jima, 1945.

* “Passion is what we’re most deeply curious about, most hungry for, will most hate to lose in life.” ~ Gregg Levoy

Tell me, what will fuel your passion this upcoming week?

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