Dispatches: Hickory Town

It wouldn’t be March if I wasn’t on a press run somewhere….


This might be my most timely Dispatch yet. Just hours ago, I returned from Hickory Town, also known as Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Usually, at this time of year, I’m doing press checks in the Cincinnati/Florence, Kentucky region. This year though, due to business changes, I was in the land of the Pennsylvania Amish and Floyd Landis. Instead of a Jeff Ruby steak to celebrate, it was shoofly pie and Mr. Sticky’s.


I drove to Lancaster on Sunday evening – it’s about a two hour drive, not even long enough to roll through my whole Springsteen catalog on my iPod – and was just supposed to stay one night. Three nights later – one being spent (that would be last night) awake at the plant finalizing typeset and color on pages – and hoping to get out before a snowstorm hit, I’m back.

While the printer I was at didn’t allow me to take pictures, it was still great to be back on the print floor, hearing the hum of the big machines and smelling the ink. As usual, it was hours of boredom and fine-tooth proofreading punctuated by a couple of brief excited moments when I would sign off on a section and give the go-ahead to print for good.

And to have some good down-home family restaurant cooking.


Of course, even on a somewhat near trip, Flo had to join me and get into the act.


Who knows where next year will take me. But when March hits, I’ll probably be on a press run…someplace.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved 2013


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