JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.09.13


The days are getting longer, the days are getting shorter.

Let me explain.

This weekend, we “spring foward” and get that extra hour of light (though lose an hour of sleep. My middle guy has taken to waking me up at 5:15 a.m. every morning; maybe this will get his straight again). Always a good thing. Means, to me at least, I’ve made it through another winter. Frankly, this one wasn’t so bad. “Enduring” isn’t really the right adjective. Not much to endure when it’s not very cold and not much snow comes out way.

But anyway, after Sunday, we gain some light into our lives.

Still, my days get shorter. Here’s why: That big project I’ve been hammering on since December 1. Half of it got done this week; see my post from this past Wednesday.

It was a nice jaunt out to Lancaster, PA. Thought it was going to be one night; ended up being three, with the last night being an all-nighter at the printers.

The other half of the project spins out on Wednesday. Days – project days, at least – are getting short, but need more time. The squeeze of pressure is firmly around my heart right now. Will we hit the deadline? Will it work? Lots of “what ifs” in there too.

This time next week, I won’t know what to do with myself.

Yeah, right.

Through it all this week, I kept shooting. That’s what it’s all about – The Shoot Life. Keep firing, sharpening the eye. Some were good; some not so much. But the point is, keep doing it.

What did you shoot this week? Drop a link n the comments.


This Week’s Links:

* I was doing some research for a project and came across this: Shanghai Noir.

* “Life is once, forever.” Fantastic audio recording of Henri Cartier-Bresson from 1973.

* Guy Kawasaki on How To Get Your Art Noticed.

* Creepy portraits of ventriloquist dummies. Yup.

* “Take as many photographs you can: it’s the only way to train your eyes, body and emotions.” —Daido Moriyama


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