Weekend Shot: Free, As A Bird


“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” ~ Roy Schieder as Sheriff Martin Broady in Jaws.

This might be one of the earliest “Weekend Shots” since I’ve been doing. Earliest as in, earliest in the weekend.

Last Friday started out snowy. It was about 37 degrees all day, big flakes swirling around, taking time to even out to put down a new white carpet of anywhere from 1 1/2″ to 7″ or more, depending on where you were.

Driving was slippery on the way to work; sometimes less snow is worse than when it really comes down. By mid-day, though, the snow had stopped and it started to warm up again.

By the time I drove home, a little earlier than usual, the light was nice. I’ve been trying to shoot this boat in the middle of this cornfield for a few weeks. Never really got the shot I wanted though.

Finally, I liked the orange and blue background (and I’m not even a NY Mets fan). And when the nearby roosting birds decided to take flight, that gave me the urgency and action I needed.

Free as, well, a bird, now.

I shot more this weekend, but this is one that stuck.

A free boat + cool background + Canon S100 + Nik Color Efex = This Weekend Shot

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved 2013


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