Weekend Shot: Beautiful, Light


Remember when Chase Jarvis had the whole Best Camera thing going? I guess it’s still going on, though the site still has a 2010 copyright on it.

I don’t have an iPhone so I never really got ito that. But I appreciate the concept and the fact that, sometimes, the best camera IS the one you have on you.

Case in point here: I was out with the family yesterday, at Allaire Village. They have this quaint old train, the Pine Creek Railroad, that goes does a slow loop around the park a couple of times. I had my Canon S100 on me but I had Matthew, my 18 month old, on my lap. so….only had one had available.

So I pulled my Blackberry Bold out. I can count on my hand the number of times this device has actually captured a nice image. It’s fine for the little this-and-thats, but I have to work it hard, and the light has to be just right, to get something special.

That’s what happened Sunday.

Loved the capture of this beautiful light. All I really did was smooth out the graininess in post a little bit.

Of course, I’m not sure it really overtake the other big shot from the day. Nothing says Easter like an 8 foot tall rabbit….

In this case, though, the best camera, was the one I could handle with one hand while having an 18-month-old on my lap.

(And…wouldn’t this train be great for a noir photoshoot? Gotta see if I can make that happen…)

Blackberry Bold + Beautiful Light + Nik Color Efex Glamour Glow = This Weekend Shot.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

2 thoughts on “Weekend Shot: Beautiful, Light

  1. That is wonderful light, and that image of the 8′ tall rabbit is just fantastic too. A great weekend by the sounds and sights of it Mark.

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