JSP Visual Week In Review | 04.06.13


Out with the old month, in with the new.

Helllllllo April!

My favorite month of the year. Once April gets here, it means a few things:

* I made it through another Winter.
* Spring definitely is on its way.
* My little girl is having another birthday (well, she had it. Turned 6 on April 2nd)
* It’s gotta be getting warmer soon.

Lots of other good things always happen in this the fourh month of the year. So far, it’s off to a good start. It was a low-key, yet busy week for me. Got a lot done in and out of work.

Also, took care of some photographic stuff that I haven’t had the chance to in a while. I ordered some new JPS business cards from Moo. They came in just a few days and look great (you can see the designs I got in the mosaic above). I ordered a couple of prints and a photobook from AdormaPix.

Then, almost on an impulse buy – and on the strengthen of a Strobist post, I odered a small softbox from LumniQuest. The portability factor is high with it. Looking forward to see how I can use that with my Speedlite.

Finally, while putting some miles in on the stationary bike, I finally had the chance to really delve into the Rear Curtain – Special Edition:Thailand. Another winner from that editorial group. Can’t recommend it enough.

So, overall a good week with a lot done. What was the highlight of your week?

Me, I’m off to coach Liv’s tball team. Spring is here!
This Week’s Links

* Jay Maisel at The Peter Fetterman Gallery. Whew.

* BTS Cafeteria Lunches (that Strobist blog post I talked about earlier.)

* Another cool BTS post, this one from action/adventure photographer Corey Rich.

* Bert Stern: Original Mad Man.

* Photography and the American Civil War

* Six High-Quality Compact Cameras (via PDN) I like seeing that Canon S110 in there. My S95 and S100 have been fantastic to me.

* Reimaging Rear Window.

* New Springsteen Book: In Focus: 1980 – 2012 (Six Degrees of Springsteen Separation: I work with the photographer’s brother.)

* John Francis….really good music.

Keep hustlin’, everyone.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

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