JSP Visual Week In Review | 04.13.13


Pretty busy week here in the JSP neck of the woods. Last Saturday, we pulled off the All Pirate Birthday Extravaganza for Liv’s birthday part.She enjoyed it, as did all 20 kids.

We got our first taste of Spring, too, with temps in the mid-70 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Had our first thunder and lightening storm too. Of course, when I stepped out my house on Friday to get my newspapper, big, fat, cold raindrops were falling and I could see my breathe.

I love weather.

In an interesting twist, I did four “corporate” photoshoots at work. Everything from candids at an executive meeting to formal portraits that an exec needed for a magazine interview. That was the more challening one since my first inclication was to do some nice natural light outdoor portaits. But that cold raining was falling and the wind was blowing.I quickly shifted gears to an inside shoot, and utilized a nicely lit cafeteria that had a sleek European feel to it. And, since he’s Beligian (nice to chat about Eddy Merckx on a shoot),he seemed to fit right in.

And my Phillies found their winning ways, too.

So, overall, it was a good, productive week.

And Monday, I’ll be shooting a billionaire.

More to come….


This Week’s Links:

* Received a nice accolade this week.

* The Value of Boredom.

* Good photoessay: The Last Of The Trawler Men

* One of my favorite photojournalists celebrates an anniversary.

* Got a new piece of gear this week.Hope to try it out this weekend.

* Good read: How To Create Your Reason.

* New music I found this week: Gospel Whiskey Runner. Download their album, Hold On, for free (or leave some money in the tip jar) at the link.

* “No man was ever great by imitation.” Samuel Johnson

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