Photo A….or Photo B?

Photo A

Photo A

Welcome to another edition of a little survey we here at JSP like to run called “Photo A….or Photo B”.

One of the best parts about photography is that it’s so subjective. What you may like, Ray out there Port Townsend may not like. And what Jeff in Texas likes, well, Bard in Alabama may have some totally different thoughts.

That even goes so far as to if you prefer a color or B&W version… of the same image.

Take the landscape photo above. I shot this in Cream Ridge, NJ, this past Saturday morning. Me and the boys were on our way back from running some errands, the handy little Canon S100 was on the seat next to me.

I like how the clouds were moving across the sky and how the shadows were playing out. Wanted to get a shot from the top of Emeley’s Hill Road, high-to-low of the farmland.

Looking out over this, it reminded me of a scene from the Thomas Hardy book, Far From The Madding Crowd. Like I was looking out over farmland in Casterbridge. (It’s a very epic piece of Victorian era literature. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll find it not only madding, but boring as well. I thought it was OK. Movie, though, was mopey.)

Anyway, I was at first happy with the color image of this landscape scene. It was engaging, there was some drama, colors popped and were nice.

Then, fine art photographer Mark Olwick, suggested converting the image to B&W, cropping some of the foreground, and dodging the shadows a bit.

Photo B

Photo B

A worthy recommendation indeed.

To be honest, I did the B&W converstion (used my favorite, Nik Silver.) I cropped the foreground some. However, while I tried to dodge the shadows under the clouds, I felt I lost a bit of structure to that part of the image. So, I kept that as is.

So, there you have it, two different version of the same image. Which do you prefer…Photo A….or Photo B?

WAIT! There’s more!

Before you answer, I’m slipping in a JSP special.

I was noodling around Nik’s Color Efex filters last night, and tried one I don’t normally use, the Duplex filter. The Duplex filter creates an effect that simulates a duotone or “Duplex” effect on an image. Using a brownish/orange filter for the key color, here’s the result:

Bonus: Photo C

Bonus: Photo C

Like I said, I never use this filter, but it certainly gives an etheral feel to the scene. I almost want to say it lends a Dan Winter-ish feel to landscape..but that’s just kinda silly.

It’s cetainly more subdued. Less Hardy-Madding look, less Olwick-Drama look. But an interesting look just the same.

And that’s what we’re after here, aren’t we? Interesting looks to our images.

So…if you had to hang one on your wall…would it be Photo A….Photo B….

Orrrrrrr….Photo C.

Let me know below.

And hey, if you think all three should be booted, let me know that too! I can take it.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

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