Friday Noir: Suffer The Innocents


The mist rises from the streets,

Enveloping the city in a chill.

It’s a chill that goes to the bone, and doesn’t go away.

People are always looking for a hero to rise up in this world.

Looking for someone else do the saving.

It doesn’t happen like that.

Ya gotta have enought drag to get it done yourself.

You can sit there throwing roses in the rain,

Or you can put your boot on the throat that needs it.

Get it done, or pull out the black crape.


Maybe one day the mist will rise,

And the streets will clear.

But not now.

Not yet.

Don’t let the innnocents suffer.

© Mark V. Krajnak / Stefan| All Rights Reserved 2013


Another JSP Friday Noir Special Edition, thanks to the Parisian creative master, Stefan.

For some months now, Stefan has been taking my noir photos to a new level, imbuing them with a sense of timeless intrigue and beauty. Most specifically, he’s been adapting them to the New Haven world, created in painstaking detail by the novels of Bard Constantine.

As I’ve said before, everytime my email box pings with a new creation from Stefan, my heart skips. It’s like opening presents on Christmas morning…that is, if Christmas mornings smelled of bourbon and a well-oiled automatic.

I have to admit – and I didn’t clear this with Stefan so I hope I don’t get a croissant thrown at me from across the pond – I took Stefan’s original piece, called Alley Cat, and edited it ever so slightly.

You can see the original here.

See, Stefan designs with book covers in mind – he goes tall and skinny.

I shoot with wide in mind – I go short and fat.

Soooo…..I edited his piece a couple of ways. First, I cropped it down a bit, taking out the New Haven Inquirer signage up top. I wanted this noir story to be a bit more location nondescript.

Then, and this is the most drastic, I took out the hovercars in the background of the original.In Bard’s new Haven world, there are wheelers, skimmers, and floaters. I wanted to keep this noir image abit more grounded, literally. So, I moved one car bottom left side of the image, behind The Fedora, for spatial perpective. It’s small, but it’s there. And I took out the other one. (BTW, the detail on the cardoor from Stefan is great – Nichols Auto Sales. As are the signs up top – Coca-Cola on one side, Yorkshire Relish on the other.)

Finally, I threw in alittle more fog.

Stefan, I hope you don’t mind these edits!

I couldn’t do any of this without a) Bard’s inspirational world and b) Stefan’s creative graphic genius. Thanks to them both, again, for the inspiration.

I’m just happy to be an ingredient in this crazy little neo-noir world they’ve created.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


3 thoughts on “Friday Noir: Suffer The Innocents

  1. It’s always the small details that amaze me about Stefan’s work. Love to see it highlighted in your blog -and I really enjoyed your poetic words that accompanied it. I’ll say it again: need Friday Noir: the collected volume!

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