Dispatches: No Running


The pool club is a lonely place offseason.

The pool cover, the color of a 1970s-era Ford Pinto, is blue like water, but faded. Stretched tight against the empty cement mouth below, a rain-water induced puddle collects on top.

This isn’t some rizty type pool club (it’s not even my pool club – we don’t belong to one.) This is one that sits in Roosevelt, New Jersey, a bit of an artists enclave, and Highstown, New Jersey. Across the street is a horse farm.


When I visted recently, it was quiet. Looked like some work was being done to get ready for the season.


Also looked like still more work needed to be done, as evidenced by the faded twist slide and the red, peeling, chiped admonision on the sidewalk: No Running.


You would think, in this litigious time, that this would be the first thing updated and repainted every season. Instead, it looked like this was last touched-up when Michael Jackson was singing that Billie Jean was not his lover.

Except for the passing car, it was quiet and cool on my visit. The screams of fun, cries of boo-boos, splashing are still to come.

It seemed a little sad, sitting lonely in the morning air. Yet, it also seemed a little tried-and-true. This isn’t some Gatsby-esque pool club. This is where the local kids come with their swimmies and skinny bodies to cool off under the hot Jersey sun. Washed out, maybe, but not washed up.

Pretty soon, the Hilltop Swim Club will be open for business.

But not yet.


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


One thought on “Dispatches: No Running

  1. A contrast to pool life in Houston where my son swims outdoors year-round. True, the pool is heated but the air can get brisk in January. Our pool clubs are swim teams. Interesting documentary. I enjoyed it.

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