JSP Visual Week In Review | 05.04.13


And so, here we are again, at the top of another month. Made it through the first four of this 2013 campaign. So far, so good but of course some bumps a long the way.

As we kick off the month of May, I’m in the middle of a four-day jog home with my boys. The girls, Leslie and Olivia, flew down to Florida yesterday to visit Grandma/Great Grandma. Me, Chase and Matty are holding down the NJ fort. Apple juice and Goldfish will keep us fortified for the endeavor, but the weather looks to be nice so we’ll have a lot of outdoor time to keep us occupied.

The one drawback – Leslie asked me a few times if she could take my Canon S100 on the trip. She has an iPhone but doesn’t like the camera. Go figure. Finally I relented. And already I’m missing that little carry-along. I hate to say I’m “schleping” my 50D along with me now…it kinda of feels that way.

No matter. This should be a good little long weekend with my boys and the Great State of New Jersey.


This Week’s Links:

* At War With The Obvious – Eggleston at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, should you be in NYC.

* The Silent Drama of Photography.

* Joe McNally and his Memories of Africa.

* Poster: History of Photography

* “All you have in life is yourself and what you do.” ~ Dayanita Sigh

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