JSP Visual Week In Review | 05.11.13


Short week, long week.

How come when, for those of us that have to punch the proverbial clock, that the four-day week sometimes seems longer than a normal week?

I was on on Monday while Leslie and Liv returned from Floriday. Me and the boys hung around the house, went to a local park to walk in the woods, just enjoyed the day. So I only put in four days in the office this week, yet it still felt like a long week. Why is that?

For everyone who checked in on Chase’s condition, he’s doing great after his tumble. None the worse for wear, as they say. Stitches will come out on Monday and he’ll be as good as new. We do thank everyone for their concern. 🙂

Otherwise, I just have a few things to keep working on. I have a submission for Rear Curtain that I’m trying to finish up. Syl Arena has asked me to do a piece for his blog. And I have a couple of other neat things to post here.

Busy times at the JSP. Good times, though.

To all the mothers’s out there – Happy Mother’s Day to you all. You all are the rock of the family. I’ve seen that with my mom, I’ve seen that with my wife. Hardest job in the world…but perhaps the most rewarding as well. Enjoy your day, all!


This Week’s Links:

* Pixiq shuts down. (This is my biggest fear about sites like this, including Flickr.)

* The Great Gatsby, Anatomy Of A Scene. (I love the book; the movie is getting panned so doubt I’ll pay to see it.)

* Misery Love Company – Thought-provoking read from writer writer Thomas Pluck.

* Videos – Appreciate The Power Of Photography.

* The Tempation of the Lopsided Life – another great post from Chicago Tribune photojournalist Alex Garcia. This guy has quickly become one of my favs.

* This ad has a secret anti-abuse message only kids can see. Powerful.

* “I believe that all creative people have more than one passion, more than one creative talent.” ~ Kevin Mahogany


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