Chasin’ The Image


This past week has been a big one in our house. Lots of celebrations and achievements.

Started last week, Mother’s Day. Rolled into my and Leslie’s anniversary on Wednesday – 9 Years now she’s put aside her better thinking and hung in there with me.

Thursday was my parents wedding anniversary – going strong since 1964.

And today, today is another big one……

My second-born child, my first born son – the one carrying on the family name…today is his day.

The little guy we call Chase, Chase Vincent, Chaser, Chasey, C, C-Dawg, Son #1, Big Brother….he turns three today.

Hard to believe, Harry.

The image above is Chase’s “Official” Birthday Portrait. (Yes, we do things like Official Birthday Portraits in our house). A few weeks ago, Chase’s grandmother, my mom, sent me an email with a directive: I need a portrait of Chase for the local newspaper’s birthday announcements.

While I have a ton of kid photos – kids playing, kids crying, kids swinging, kids in woods – the Grandmother Gaunlet was thrown down: Shoot a new headshot of Chase for the newspaper!

So, one April afternoon last month – around mid-day, not the best time for portraiture – C was outside playing while his mom did some weeding. We have some big rocks under good-sized trees, trees that helped me in diffusing the light. I sat Chase up on one of the rocks to shoot his portrait.

Of course, when dealing with an almost three-year old, it never goes as smoothly as you planned it.

Movement, different facial expressions, light. It was all part of the mix. It’s enough to give Joe McNally fits.

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_Chase ClipSheet_04203

Undaunted, unbowed, 36 clicks – I got the shot I wanted.

And, most importantly, I got the shot Grandma wanted.

So, today’s we’ll celebrate Chase. Put together his new Big Wheel last night. Got him some non-spillable (key aspect!) bubbles and some other fun gifts. He can watch his favorite movies today, and we’ll go have some pizza at the local joint tonight.

Today is his day.


Happy Birthday My Man!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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