JSP Visual Week In Review | 05.18.13


Whirlwind of a week.

As I said in yesteday’s post, this was a week of celebration and annniversaries:

* Mother’s Day last Sunday

* My 9th Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday

* My parent’s 49th Wedding Annivesary on Thursday.

* Let me repeat…it was their 49th!!!!!

* Chase’s 3rd birthday on Friday.

* Today is my nephew’s 4th birthday

Whew. Busy week on the Hallmark front. (Though, truth be told, I’m not much of a card guy and never did get a chance to send one to my parents. I did call though! And I know my Mom reads this space so help me out and wish them a Happy 49th in the comments section.)

Between all this and the goings-ons at work, I was still able to get some shooting and reading in. There ARE enough hours in the day; you just have to find one.

A highlight this week was an email from my friend in the Pacific Northwest, Ray Ketcham. He and Sabrina Henry have some really neat things going on based on the last Rear Curtain issue. Can’t wait till he can pop the cork on that and tell everyone.

All good stuff, and exciting to hear about.


This Week’s Links:

* [Video]: 16X9 Feature on Toronto photographer Chris Wahl. I’ve worked with Chris a couple of times, traveled to Shanghai with him. He wasn’t quite this manic….but it was close.

* My lord this image gained a lot of attention this week.

* Speaking of….other photojournalistic photos, before and after.

* Interesting noir-based Kickstarter here from Lisa Diane Shapiro.

* Images from Cannes 1962. Classic LIFE.

* Joe McNally remembers his teacher, Fred Demarest. “He let me become a photographer.”

* Tips photographers wished they’d learned earlier.

* Daytona Beach, but David Walter Banks.

* Jeff Philips: Lost And Found. Fun exploration.

* “It used to take courage–indeed, it was the act of courage par excellence–to leave the comforts of home and family and go out into the world seeking adventure. Today there are fewer places to discover, and the real adventure is to stay at home.” ~ Alvaro De Solva

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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