Friday Noir: The Big Ask


[One late night, in a shack on the edge of town……]

Ask, And Ye Shall Receive….

That’s one of the Golden Rules, no?

If not, at least it’s from The Good Book.

I know, I know….it’s talking about asking for forgiveness.

For Salvation.

Society now, they probably think it’s about asking for other stuff.

Material stuff.

See, that’s the thing: Times are different.

Now, we’re a take society.

And sometimes that IS the game.

No one is going to give you anything, even if you ask.

You want to move forward?

Take it.

You want to provide?

Make it happen.

You want to be a success?

Quite complaining and get after it.

Think it’s hard?

It is.

This world offers riches, but riches grow wings….

Think that one’s in the Bible too.

Up and gone, get it?

But what you ask for, you just may get.

So, tell the Devil I’m on my way.

I’ve got hell to pay.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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