JSP Visual Week In Review | 06.01.13

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Click, click, click, click….

One of those rare weeks where the photo gods (or is it Photo Gods) looked down on me and sprinkled some pixel dust. I shot a lot this week – traditionalists will say that’s a bad thing – for I saw images around every bend in the road. Form a trip down to Red Bank and the Monmouth Museum last weekend with my kids to other various subjects throughout the week.

The light was there. The inspiration was there. Creativity knocked and I answered the door.

It was a good week.

Not so much for the photo staff of the Chicago Sun-Times, who were fired en masse. Including Pulizer-Prize winnner John H. White.

The paper said that they are going to focus on freelancers and video.

Mark my words: They will rue the day they fired professional photojournalists. If, by “freelancers” they mean Average Joes and Joans with an iPhone, the Sun-Times in trouble.

I read a lot about this even this week; one of best recaps, as well as thoughts on the subject, comes from Alex Garcia, who shoots for rival Chicago Tribune. I like Alex’s work. I like him even more now for this piece.

I’m just shaking my head at the Sun-Times. *SMH* in Internet lingo.

In other news, it’s JUNE!! Weird that I’m doing a “Week In Review” withe dateline of new month, and I’ve yet to shoot anything in this month (of course, it’s 6:18 a.m….I’ll get there….)

June 1 also marks the end of a 12-week KrajFit fitness program I instilled on myself. Back in February, I had my annual check-up. Doc said I had put on a few pounds (though no one would consider me overweight) and that my cholesterol level was high (though I generally eat pretty well). Still, it was enough to move me to action.

So, I rededicated myself to my fitness program. I told myself I’d hammer it hard for 12 weeks – March 1 to Memorial Day. I was inspired, too, by my wife who also has gone through a fitness revival of sorts and is doing great.

Here I am 12 weeks later. I’ve lost 18 pounds. I run 3-4 times a week (and don’t hate it now), my gym workouts – usually less than 45 minutes – incorporate strength training and cardio, my diet has cleaned up and I watch my portions (the biggest thing). In the next couple of weeks, I’ll go back to the doctor to get my oil checked again and see how that looks. I turned 43 in April, and I feel better than I have in years, and accomplished my goals. The program I’ve developed for myself is something I can keep doing, I think. The first few weeks were rough, yes, but I’m glad I did it. A burger won’t kill me. But too many of them, too often, might.

So starts my favorite three months of the year. Big plans, lots to do, much to see, still more to shoot.

Click, click, click, click….


This Week’s Links:

* Joe McNally goes Photo Shopping in Beijing.

* “The joy of reading is in the rereading.”

* Nice work out of my friends at Rear Curtain: Mae Fah Luang Foundation – Making A Difference.

* This week marked the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everst. Here’s a cool, interactive feature from the Telegraph.

* Cool BTS from New York photographer Brad Trent: Blowing Smoke With Bobby Flay.

* Music: I had no idea that “Always Something There To Remind Me” by Naked Eyes was first done by Lou Johnson. Shame on me.

* “It was as if they pushed a button and deleted a whole culture of photojournalism.” ~ John H. White.

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