Find It. See It. Shoot It.

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_AllentownFarmer_June 2013_6429

“Jay Maisel always says to bring your camera, ‘cause it’s tough to take a picture without it.” ~ Joe McNally

Man, I drive myself crazy sometimes.

Leaving the house and not having a camera with me is akin to walking out without my pants on.

Embarrassing. And not just because everyone could see my Scooby Doo boxer shorts.

Even though my Blackberry has a camera in it, that doesn’t count to me. My Blackberry is a last resort. I could probably draw a better picture than the BBerry can take. In a super pinch, maybe it works.

No, I have to have my Canon 50D and my Canon S100 with me. Either both or at least one. Gotta be with me.

In the pocket. On the truck seat next to me. At least in the bag behind the passenger seat, easy access.

Because if they aren’t, I don’t get the shot that leads off this post.

I see it in my head, but I can’t shoot it.

I blow it.

And it becomes like an itch that can’t be scratched. Just burns inside me.

Here’s how hit happened: The other evening, driving home from work, I’m about seven minutes from the driveway. I’m on the backroads, driving through Upper Monmouth County farmland.

I pass this farm. I look right, and see a scene out my passenger-side window, which is down. The itch starts.

I drive about a quarter of mile up, swear softly ’cause now I’m going to be later for dinner. I swing around, splashing through a puddle of mud, reach over and grab the 50D.

I flick it on. It’s AV at ISO 500 -1 or 2 EV, wide open. That’s my typical. It’s usually always on that setting when I turn it on. I know what I’m getting right and away and work it from there. But that’s usually the start.

I pull back around. Impossibly, he’s still there, hasn’t moved. Now he’s on my window side. I raise the camera, and yell up to him:

“Hey, how are ya? Can I take your picture?”

Sure, go ahead, he yells back.

It’s how I wanted it. The sun is above and behind him, to my left slightly. Before I turned around, I saw this – it would be in B&W, a silhouette. I wanted the tractor. The pose. The hat.

That’s what I saw in the blink of my mind’s eye about 90 seconds or so earlier.

I checked my rearview (I’m stopped in the middle of my lane) – no cars, yet – raise my 50D. I fire off one, two…he puts the tractor in gear and begins to roll off. He is working, after all. The pose has changed, the hat has moved.

I fire off one more.

But the itch has been scratched. Pretty sure I got it.

Later, I check the frames out.

I did. I got it.

Here’s the last frame I made, in color. I like it.


But not as much as the B&W version. That’s what I saw.

Yep…gotta have the camera with you.

Find It. See It. Shoot It.

That’s all there is, really.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


4 thoughts on “Find It. See It. Shoot It.

  1. This is a wonderful image, and I don’t want this to come out the wrong way… but until I saw the colour image at the bottom, I thought you’d photographed a farmer on a parade float. Which I realize, might sound wrong. But it’s all kinds of fabulous to me.

    • Heh. Yes, I guess I can see the B&W image that way too. To be honest, I didn’t notice the flower cart in front of him till abit later. Hopefully, it doesn’t detract to much!

      Thanks for stopping by, Erin!

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