Weekend Shot: Bridge To Evening


It’s not exactly The Walk To Paradise Garden, but it was a quiet, special moment I’ll remember.

Saturday, I spent a lot of time out and about with the kids. My wife was out doing some running around and, after drenching rains on Friday, Saturday was warm and sunny.

After dinner, we climbed into the truck and headed back into Allentown and the local ice cream shop. They kids got cray – soft serve vanilla for all three!

Me, I went with Sea Salt Caramel in a sugar cone.

We then walked the short distance to the lake in the center on town, and followed the shaded bridge path to it.

Chase had run up ahead, Liv was in the middle, and little Matt dawdled along, pulling up the rear.

It was a beautiful evening, I was with my kids, we were eating ice cream looking out over a lilly-padded lake.

No complaints.

(Well, ok, one complaint. After using the Canon S100 a lot on Saturday, I woke up on Sunday to a lens error. Won’t retract. Can’t shoot it. Should be still under warranty, but still. I love these little point-and-shoots but I’m getting discouraged over their lack of durability in non-extreme conditions. I can see if I was killing it, but that’s not the case. Stay tuned…)

Canon S100 + Early summer evening + Dawdling 20 month old + Nik Silver Sepia = This Weekend Shot

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