JSP Visual Week In Review | 06.22.13


Here we go. Summer has started!

Yesterday was the longest day of the year. In the dark, dark winter days, when I’m outside walking my dogs and the wind is whipping my shoulders, I long for June 21. It has a near-magical air about it. Warm nights, fireflies sparking around, the stretch of summer before us. Now it’s here, time to make something of of it.

Last weekend, pre-Father’s Day Saturday evening, I had three friends over, also fathers. I put some NY Strip steaks on the grill, made Old Fashioneds. We sat out on the patio an a beautiful June night. Then Sunday, Father’s Day, the whole family was here and I was able to shoot a generational photo. A few clicks that will last a lifetime.

This weekend, my wife his heading down to Atlantic City for a little weekend trip with her girlfriends. Some much needed rest and relaxation, at least for 30 hours or so. Me and the kids will craft our own adventure today and tomorrow. Maybe some of those fireflies will be chased while we sip creamsickle shakes.

RIP James Gandolfini. A real Jersey Guy.

It’s summer and the time is right….

What are you summer plans?


This Week’s Links:

* RIP James Gandolfini – Video Tribute. A real Jersey guy.

* Autoscapes of The American Road

* Video: Wet-Plate Collodian Editorial Fashion Shoot.

* Does Your Camera Define You?

* Very cool promo vid featuring documentary photographer Fleming Bo Jensen.

* More from Flemming Bo: Ghosts Of Repentance

* Photo Essay: Cultural Differences In America.

* “He’s like an auteur. Wow, did I really just use that word?” ~ James Gandolfi

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