Weekend Shot: Summer’s Here….

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_Chase ice cream shop_June2013_7241

Summer was defined, for me, by this weekend. The only thing I didn’t do was fire up the grill. And that’s just because my kids, well, they don’t dig on grilled stuff yet.

But the rest of it, summer…the essence of summer…it was there.

Warm weather.

The pool (even it if was a small blow up one).

The beach.


Ice cream.

My wife, God Bless Her, finally got a some time to herself. She went down to Atlantic City for a night with some friends. She had a good dinner, stayed up too late, slept in. But she needed it.

Me and the kids hung out. We played around the house. I filled in come cracks in the driveway and mixed up some mortar. They squeeled and screamed and cried and laughed.

Saturday, late day, we headed down to the beach for dinner. Stopped in at the Circus Drive-In for burgers, hot dogs and fries. Then we headed to Asbury Park. Cookman Ave, the main drag, was crowded. We found a parking spot and headed to the beach. Mike Ness and the boys from Social Distortion was playing at the nearby The Stone Pony (I’m a big Social D fan. If I weren’t with the kids, I would have been trying to get to the show.)

The boardwalk was crowded, the light was beautiful.

We played on the beach for awhile.

Then we headed up to the board for some ice cream. We found it at Just Another Day’s Ice Cream.

They were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. But sparkling now. Birthday Cake in a cup for Liv, same, in a sugar cone for Chase. I got Black Raspberry Chip in a cone. Matty had a bit of both.

We walked back down the boardwalk. The light was still beautiful. We could hear music coming from the outdoor summer stage at The Stone Pony across the street.

I had a few shots I could have selected for today’s post. But I’m going with Chase and his cone.

It was what summer should be.

Canon 50D + ice cream + Chase + summer = This Weekend Shot

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

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