Dispatches: Rabble Rousers


One of the neat things about living here in New Jersey is that you trip over American history wherever you turn.

My town, Allentown, is called the “Crossroads of The American Revolution.” Skirmishes were fought all over local land. Big battles were engaged upon at the Battle of Monmouth (about 15 minutes from my house), the Battle of Princeton and the Battle of Trenton.

The latter two were fought in winter’s icy chill. The photo above, in fact, was shot during a reenactment of the Battle Of Trenton, which is held between Christmas and New Year’s to be compliant to the history.

This one was shot at a reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth on a day that may have been as hot as it was on the actual day. I just wasn’t wearing all that wool…


That’s one of the reaosns I love living where I do, though. History is all around me. When I’m walking across the fields or down the trails nearby, it’s not hard to imagine the thunder of hooves and musket shots ringing out. Much happened here – right here! – and this is the appropriate time to reflect on it.


So if you’re an American history buff, and ever find ourself out this way, give me a jingle and I can show you some of the good spots. And then, afterwards, we can do something even more historical and American….like go for burgers at a real New Jersey diner.


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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