Weekend Shot: One Glorious Weekend

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_Westhaven Farm2_8476

My “Weekend Shots” aren’t always my best shots from the previous weekend. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they just are just documentary encapsulations of how I’ll remember the weekend.

Because, as I’ve said, pursuing my photographic passion means I document.

This image was taken yesterday. I was up the road from our house, at a local farm. In fact, if you look to the right of the frame and see that little building with a slanted roof…if you were to stand on that roof with a rock in your hand and hauled back and heaved the rock…well, you wouldn’t hit our house but you’d come pretty close.

Anyway, me and the kids went up to the farm to get some local fruits and veggies. We’re trying to make a conscious effort to reduce the “farm-to-the-table” process. If we can support the local farm community, we’re all for that.

So we went up there at nearly high noon, not the greatest time for photos. We bought what we needed, visited with the chickens, sheep, goats and one portly piggie. As I was climbing back into the truck, I saw this scene. Got lucky, too, with the bird in flight.

But this scene encapsulates the long 4th of July weekend for me. Time with my family and kids, visits to the local lakes, beaches and farms. Hanging out, having fun with them. Great hot weather.

Summer. We’re just birds on a wire enjoying the view.

Canon 50D + local farm + brilliant weather = This Weekend Shot

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